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Developed for: Mr. D. Moffat, FRCS, Cambridge, UK and Mr. J. Robinson, FRCS, Gloucester, UK

Bone dust collected from the mastoid cortex or other, healthy bone areas has a powerful osteogenic effect when placed into areas where an adequate blood supply exists. Its uses vary from total mastoid obliteration to reconstruction of defects in the canal wall and even repair of ossicular erosions. The collection of small quantities of bone dust is relatively simple but, when large defects are to be filled, a bone paté collector, fitted into the suction tubing, simplifies matters considerably.

The Moffat-Robinson Bone Paté Collector is easy to use. It can collect any quantity of bone dust, up to a volume sufficient to obliterate an open mastoid cavity. Where previous collection devices have employed metal gauze filters, and have involved meticulous cleaning prior to re-autoclaving, the Moffat-Robinson Bone Paté Collector is fitted instead with a single-use, labour saving, sintered plastic filter.

O/Code Description Feature Material
E.401 Collector Re-usable Polycarbonate
E.402 Filter - HDPE

Repeated Re-Sterilization: Filter housing only

Acceptable methods: steam (at 121°C).

Note: it is not advisable to re-sterilize the filter housing at 134°C because the material becomes unstable below this temperature. Although trials have demonstrated that it may be usable after twenty cycles, it will survive typically only seven or eight cycles - and may manifest damage after the first cycle at this temperature.

BPC Instructions 1

Insert single-use filter here, smooth side up, so as to be presented to incoming bone paté.

Spigots may be unscrewed and removed for cleaning if desired.

BPC Instructions 2 Push fit connection for tubing to suction tube.

Screw both halves together and it is ready for use.
BPC Instructions 3 Perspex base on which to stand the equipment.

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O/Code Description Qty
E.401 Bone Paté Collector (Complete) 1
E.402 Bone Paté Filter 5


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