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This fenestrated, membrane-thin device is designed to splint the tympanum, following tympanoplasty or myringoplasty, and offers the following advantages:

  • it will readily assume the desired conical shape
  • it will exert pressure evenly around the annulus
  • it will not readily distort when packed firmly
  • it will not adhere to, nor displace, the graft, during removal of the packing
  • it may remain in situ after packing has been removed, even when antibiotic drops in the canal are prescribed
  • transparent - but blue-tinted

Silicone Discs

O/Code Material Colour A B
E.201 SR Blue 8.0 0.125
E.202 SR Blue 8.5 0.125

A: Dia. mm B: Thickness mm

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O/Code Description Qty
E.201 Shah Silicone Disc - Blue (Small) 25
E.202 Shah Silicone Disc - Blue (Large) 25


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