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Especially developed for the most commonly performed ENT surgical procedure: suction clearance of the external ear canal.

Supplied sterile in a peel pouch, ready for use, the components are wrapped in a paper towel to assure aseptic handling.

Everything you need for suction clearance of the ear - in one handy, inexpensive pack.

British Pattern

SC/6 Kit Contents

1 x Suction tube (S.105)

1 x Fine end 18 swg (S.4)

1 x Mop

1 x Wax Curette

1 x Cleaning Rod

Kit with Jobson Horne Probe
The Jobson Horne Probe replaces the mop and wax curette.

SC/4JH Kit Contents

1 x Suction tube (S.105)

1 x Fine end 18 swg (S.4)

1 x Jobson Horne probe (MK/73)

1 x Cleaning rod

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O/Code Description Qty
SC/6 Suction Clearance Kit 50
SC/4JH Suction Clearance Kit with Jobson Horne Probe 50
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